We’re a different kind of network.

We expect a lot from our members — more commitment, more effort, more time than most networks — and we promise a lot more in return. Opportunities for real engagement. Financing, where that’s needed. Participatory decision-making. Continuous learning, co-creation, and discovery. Hands-on experience in regenerative design. Entrepreneurship resources. Support in self-expression and leadership in the biosphere. And more.

Perhaps most importantly, we promise that your participation will make a difference. To us, to you, to your community, and to the planet. We each have a role to play, a gift to bring, a unique contribution. If you already know what that is, we welcome you and invite you to play. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you find it, and find yourself in the process.

There are three types of members:

  • Regular Members, fellow crew members of Spaceship Earth
  • Major Donors and Advisors
  • Sponsors

Register here: REGISTER

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