Our Standing Invitation

“Civilization is in crisis. We need to transform just about everything if we are going to survive. Our Mission is to foster the transition to a clean, sustainable, and regenerative economy for the benefit of all. It’s going to take everything we’ve got, but it’s possible.

If we continue what we’re doing, and everyone else continues what they’re doing, things will turn out badly for the Earth. All of us need to change. “

In response to this challenge, we’re embarking on a new project, to take our message to the world. This is your invitation to join us on this remarkable journey — into the possibility of an enduring human future.

Think about that for a moment. We’re inviting your co-creation and collaboration in planning, designing, and acting on the possibility of a world in which humanity gets to continue its evolution for millions and perhaps billions of years to come.

Most of us do not dare to think of this.

The converging global crises of climate disruption, biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, resource depletion, toxic waste accumulation, and social injustice appear ready to guarantee our mass ecocide through inertia alone.

We must remind ourselves to think of what’s really at stake, to wake ourselves up from this collective nightmare, and to take a stand for the very possibility of a sustainable, harmonious, and regenerative human future.

Our mission, at Possible Planet, is to facilitate the transition to a clean economy, to a restored Earthship, to a genuinely worthwhile human future. This future will not be perfect or without its own (and probably much greater) challenges, but our responsibility in the present is to make that future possible.

Our invitation is for you to join a unique membership community of “Possible Planetary Citizens,” or Possible Planetarians, serving as the crew and servant leadership corps of Planet Earth, dedicating ourselves to the transformation of global culture, practice, and governance to serve the needs of all lifeforms, lifeforms that sustain us and on whom we depend.

Membership has several benefits, but it is above all an opportunity for each of us to take a stand on behalf of a transformed humanity, and dialog, design, and plan actions that lead us to a more meaningful life for everyone. Read more about this…

Here’s part of what it takes to make it work:

  • Member Profiles that provide relevant and current information
  • Connections, Resources, and Optimized Solutions that you can use immediately, and
  • Opportunities for Action, based our collective insight into what’s needed

And here are some basic housekeeping matters:

  • Donations / Contributions.
  • Levels of membership.
  • Customizable communications.

There is also the possibility of meaningful support, including financing, for your own initiatives.